What is SWCL Doing

South West Coachlines are deeply invested in the risk and safety aspects of COVID-19. We’ve introduced measures in order to keep our employees safe, serve our customers with the highest standards, and do our part to slow community spread of the virus.

We believe we can play our part in achieving these goals through the following measures:

  • Offering information based on expert advice
  • Limiting exposure through halting travel
  • Improving personal hygiene
  • Encouraging social distancing
  • Maintaining sanitised workplaces and vehicles

Social Distancing

As the situation changes each day, we’ve also implemented guidelines for social distancing and interaction between people. For SWCL, this includes cancelling all upcoming Toolbox meetings and other gatherings both in and out of business, customer events, sharing best practices on avoiding large groups, and will explore options to work remotely.

Communication to our staff is vital and meetings will be temporarily replaced with electronic media to maintain a healthy level of interaction. This will include using our intranet, emails, SMS and printed bulletins as well as using video conferencing and other electronic collaborative means.

Personal Hygiene

Our offices and vehicles have been equipped with hand sanitisers and hand washing prompts to help our staff to be extra vigilant and adopt best practice hygiene measures. Unwell staff are urged to seek medical advice and self-isolate.


The Expectation in Our Vehicles

As always great presentation of vehicles is a key essential for any public transport business and under current COVID-19 conditions this is even more important. The expectation of all our clients is that vehicles are not only presented in a clean manner but also sanitised to a level that protects against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

SWCL has procured various disinfectants and hand sanitisers that are approved and recognised as being effective against the COVID-19 virus and will make these available at each depot. These are the only cleaning materials to be used for the sanitisation of the vehicle. A number of staff briefs on effective cleaning of vehicles has been distributed and Operations Managers are able to offer further guidance in this regard.

To effectively clean vehicles;

  • Spray the disinfectant on all surfaces and allow for 15 minutes stand time – The bus can be driven in this time to the point of pick up
  • Hard surfaces in the driver’s area should be sprayed and wiped
  • Use effective PPE, such as gloves and mask
  • Let your passengers know you have sanitised the bus

Social Distancing in our Vehicles

  • Ensure seating arrangements for social distancing – If overcrowding exists, seek advice on required action
  • Two seats directly behind driver to be left vacant at all times
  • Entry and exit into vehicles to be managed where possible – passengers to fill the rear of the bus when boarding, passengers to exit from the front of bus


Travelling with Us

Travelling onboard our Coaches

  • Avoid Direct contact with other passengers and driving staff
  • Practise clean hygiene and utilise hand sanitisers onboard
  • Use correct cough and sneeze etiquette and dispose of any rubbish correctly

SWCL will continue to monitor government and health advice as it is released to ensure we remain in the best position to respond to opportunities or challenges accordingly. SWCL has a social responsibility to our communities and following the guidelines, rules and best advice will ensure that we continue to prosper as a company.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any queries or concerns.